Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings provide a clean, contemporary and professional finish as well as playing a practical part in reducing noise levels and optimising light reflection. This helps to create a healthy environment for the spaces where we work, relax, study or spend leisure. Due to there versatility and affordable price Suspended Ceiling systems are growing in popularity.

Suspended ceilings can also hide unsightly overhead pipes, electrical fixtures, telephone cabling or ventilation that may be on show. However, these areas are still accessible via removable tiles or panels. They are also very environmentally effective, saving energy from any loss of heat in the unwanted overhead areas.

EAC Group have vast experience in supplying and fixing all types of systems; Exposed or lay-in grid, concealed grid with metal clip-in tiles and canopy ceilings which create a floating effect ideal for areas within open spaces. We fix a wide range of ceiling tiles of different styles and colours to meet your needs.