EAC offer a variety of Partition systems which can be fixed to both Walls and Ceilings. Metal studs provide a sturdy framework for all types of plasterboard to be fixed onto. The metal framing provides fire resistance qualities and can achieve high levels of sound insulation which can easily be incorporated if required.

Metal Framed partitions be it, single studs, double studs, Independent Wall Lining or Metal Framed Ceilings, EAC are more than confident to install it. This system is quicker, cheaper, reliable and more durable than the expensive alternative; timber studs or battens.

EAC can also offer tailored services for partitions with glazed elements that creates a more modern sophisticated look. We have installed this proprietary system in a number of offices and Car showrooms, as this feature allows natural light to penetrate further into a building.

If you are looking to create a new building with a modern fit out or just upgrade your internal space with a new layout, look no further; EAC are always pleased to work with you to meet your needs and expectations from start to finish.