EAC Group is very confident in producing excellent work when it comes to Dry Lining. Dry Lining is simply cladding the internal face of a building; such as walls and ceilings. This technique requires screw fixing an array of plasterboards; such as Moisture Resistant, Fire Protection, Acoustic insulation and many more that help you to achieve specialist requirements specific to the job.

At EAC we are happy to install Plasterboard using your chosen method of Dot and Dab or tacking. Dot and Dab is used when fixing directly to the internal face using adhesive; Whereas, Fixing plasterboard to a secondary framework of metal or timber is known as tacking. EAC has years of experience fitting using both methods and are confident you will be satisfied with the end product.

Dry Lining is a cheaper alternative to a traditional partition system that can be achieved in a timely manner with quality when using EAC Group.